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Guest Blog Post: Re-membering in the Aftermath of Trauma

My guest blog post, Re-membering in the Aftermath of Trauma, appears in Synthesis, the blog for Creative Alternatives of New York.  You can find the posting via the following link:
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How Adolescent Brain Research Can Inform Parents and Therapists

Brain science has been all the rage these days, and I have to admit that I too am a neuroscience fan.  Scientists do caution us that the ever-growing field studying how brains work is still a young one, and there is much we don’t know.  So it’s best not to oversell the insights gained
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“I believe in therapy, but I hate therapists.”

Today, I met a business man who discussed his past therapy experience with me.  In the middle of our conversation, he pointedly uttered the words in the title: “I believe in therapy, but I hate therapists.”  When asked to explain his perspective, he shared a poignant and sophisticated
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Talking to Kids about Coming to Therapy

When I am first contacted by a parent about bringing their child for therapy, I routinely ask, “How does s/he feel about the idea of coming to see a therapist?”  It is not uncommon for the response to be: “Well, I haven’t told him/her yet.  Got any suggestions?”  The truth of the matt
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