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I enjoy working with adult clients to help solve a range of problems, including trauma, anxiety, depression, coping with medical diagnoses, problems related to gender and sexuality, issues resulting from childhood (including past histories of attachment difficulties, narcissistic parenting, and emotional deprivation), and work/life performance issues. I will support you in understanding how your past might influence your present, while actively focusing on moving forward.

I have a few specialty areas of note:

Young Adults
I have worked successfully with many young adults, particularly those who would not normally consider going to therapy or who have been to other therapists but haven’t found it helpful. I enjoy working with high-achieving adults who are seeking to resolve some areas of stuckness. I also enjoy seeing young adults who have not been successful in traditional paths, like college, and are struggling to find a direction or motivation in life.

Performing and Visual Artists
As a former actor, I understand the benefits and challenges of pursuing the arts as a profession. I have worked with artists struggling to begin their careers, as well as experienced artists who have encountered performance anxiety, creative blocks, or career stumbles. I will work with you to better understand where these challenges emanate from and develop ways to confront them or work around them.

Parent Consultation
Parenting is among the hardest endeavors a human being can take on. It frequently ignites our challenges, fears, and memories of our own parenting. I have guided parents through all of the issues outlined in the Children and Adolescents sections. I know that what parents need is someone who will recognize their strengths, hear them without judgment, and support them in developing new ways of interacting with their kids.

For more information or to make an appointment, please call 917-439-7892 or email me at