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As the former director of an adolescent treatment program, I have a rich understanding of this stage of development.  I help to create space, between relationships with peers and relationships with parents, where teens can talk openly about their thoughts, perceptions, and challenges.  I work with adolescents to strengthen communication with their parents and improve their abilities to understand themselves and make better decisions.

I understand that therapy doesn’t always happen by just sitting and talking, and also know that it doesn’t always have to be painful or boring.  I draw on “whatever works” to help adolescents feel comfortable enough to work through what’s on their minds.  This might include drawing, shooting hoops, taking a walk, playing a game, role playing, or a number of other activities.

Some problem areas I have treated successfully include:

  • Relationship conflicts
  • Loss (resulting from death, illness, divorce, or other life changes)
  • Concerns related to gender, sexuality, or sexual orientation
  • Behavior problems at home and at school
  • Lack of academic motivation or effort
  • Social anxiety
  • Adjustment to medical conditions
  • Sibling issues, including siblings of kids with special needs
  • Spectrum Disorders
  • Issues of self-regulation
  • Issues of attachment
  • Trauma

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