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Two new publications

Dr. Haen has two new clinical articles in publication.  The first, called “Resuscitating Bodies: On Deadness, Trauma and Intersubjectivity,” explores the phenomenon of deadness as it emerges in trauma treatment.  Dr. Haen uses theories from relational psychoanalysis to frame deadness as it occurs during breakdowns of creation in artistic endeavors and engagement in clinical processes.  He suggests ways that therapists might work with this phenomenon in their practice and suggests that doing so might lead to greater treatment effectiveness with people who have been traumatized.  The article will appear in volume 55 of the journal The Arts in Psychotherapy, and can be accessed for free until May 25 via this link.

The current edition of the journal Drama Therapy Review is a tribute to the life and work of Dr. Robert Landy, founder of the NYU program in drama therapy.  Dr. Haen has an article written with Kat Lee that appears in this issue.  Placing Landy and Bowlby in Dialogue: Role and Distancing Theories through the Lens of Attachment” discusses how Landy’s theories can be extended by attachment theory, and describes what clinical practice that integrates attachment theory with drama therapy might look like. More information about this journal can be found here.


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